Oswald is an assassination spectator not a shooter

The street plan out of Dealey Plaza wh ere Kennedy are slain is designed including an excellent pyramid on the capstone shed and Dealey in reality mode Deity Range such as Dea (goddess) and you will ley (ley line). Particular rebuffs say it absolutely was Lovelady, but Lovelady considering step 3 witnesses try seated maybe not status upwards since the Oswald is actually undertaking on Building. Heres the image that numerous people cannot would like you to see. The picture is actually regarding: participants.truepath/overkill/jfk.htm:

The rest of VA car title loans the image states: Certainly, and you may particular identity of your child regarding doorway would have proved Oswalds full innocence as the yes because Hoovers consistent fixation are to prove the newest magic pill idea. Unfortunately to have J. Edgar Vacuum, he might not promote a great shred out of research to show his zany ideas. Instance closed.

The visible, but really Gerald Posner [new famous Jewish copywriter] while the almost every other very-called JFK murder apologists whom refute a conspiracy keeps actually ever removed lay keeps however missing so it part of this facts. Observe Gerald Posner utterly rejected check out: assassinationweb/issue1.htm . in order to come across of several anti-conspiracists declined commit: jfkmontreal/proving_conspiracy.htm (The second webpages borderlines anti-Jewish thoughts very be careful regarding 2nd web site.

Regardless if Zionism is one of the enemies out-of God, not totally all Jewish somebody service Zionist extremists and not all the Jewish everyone is an element of the plan to create the one-globe bodies. Merely Jewish people that are traitors, apostates, Satanists, or brainwashed people are mixed up in patch its not all play ce Jewish individual. Its simply a minority out of Jewish someone and you will Gentiles and.)

Together with proven fact that Oswald, Clay Shaw, Guy Banister, an such like was basically CIA professionals or individuals of secret societies and Kennedy is take to from the over step 1 round in numerous information, so those apologists facing JFKs brutal kill becoming a good conspiracy is continue to be brainwashed.

Heres another view of brand new popular Algtens image: Oswald is within the top right hand portion of the largest world both in pictures

You to definitely truth suggests that their was no way Oswald is a beneficial gunmen [Oswald may be active in the planning or in additional fashion]. This is so far state-of-the-art data is a preliminary bottom line. The new murder occurred for the Dallas and there is actually 3 chief concepts of identities of your own assassins:

-William Seymour [Dallas Publication Depository] -Emilio Santana/Manuel Gonzales [Dallas-Tex Strengthening] -Jack Lawrence and you will Frenchy otherwise Lucien Sarti [on grassy knoll. Sarti try behind the fresh new barrier. Sarti try the brand new bullet that blew JFKs head away from] -Hunt/Sturgis [in addition to on the grassy knoll in the future arrested as with anybody else given that tramps]

The newest Jewish folks are just like others living their own life, etcetera

This aspect explaining which heartbreaking event guarantees off far more issue. A lot of everything exhibited is made up out-of Eric Jon Phelps’ masterpeice guide called “Vatican Assassins (even if Really don’t go along with their Calvinism or their distorted opinions into competition, a lot of all the details included in their publication is actually 100% real and you can genuine). Other than JFK’s CFR/Roman Catholic/Knight from Columbus afiliations, there’s no cause to help you dislike which boy, yet many people inside the Secret Communities performed.

JFK endured to own everything you these were against including the huge battle in Vietnam, for civil rights, to have serenity that have communists, for firearm rights excluding their disarmament Us preparations, against the vocher school sytem and societal colleges, up against the Provided, an such like. that triggered their death.

One to origin that presents the new od d decisions of one’s Miracle Solution try off Jean Hill [a witness into the Kennedy murder] acording to help you the lady correspondence with her friend J.D. [one of the policemen throughout the motorcade which was which have Kennedy so you can told her towards sudden change of strategy throughout the travelling off JFK’s motorcade.]

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